Ermewa opens a new office in Hamburg

Ermewa, Europe’s 2nd largest wagon leasing company, is now represented in Hamburg for its customers and business partners. Under the direction of Jakob Kudlinski, all matters relating to the maintenance, repair and operation of the fleet in Northern Europe will be managed from this new office. Jakob Kudlinski and his team are also responsible for intermodal wagon management.

The Hamburg office will initially have four employees, and is expected to grow steadily over the coming years. In addition to service and development tasks, the historic location of the wagon keepers will strengthen cross-industry involvement in technical issues. Indeed, the main competitors and the VPI wagon keeper’s association are represented in Germany. “My team and I have set ourselves the goal of developing and establishing new models for the optimal operation of our wagons. We want to go deeper into technical issues and further improve the fleet’s performance. As the office responsible for managing the assets of our intermodal fleet, we are at the heart of the action in Hamburg. The combined transport activities already well established here are set to expand throughout Europe,” says Jakob Kudlinski, Head of MRO and Asset Manager for Intermodal Transport, Jakob joined Ermewa at the beginning of the year, drawing on his long-standing expertise and experience in the sector.

Ermewa’s new office in Hamburg is located at the following address

Ermewa SA

Hamburg Office

Dorotheenstraße 95

22301 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0) 160 97373243


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