Maintenance Supply Chain 4.0

Anticipation, optimisation of maintenance needs and visibility on transport are the key factors of an optimised maintenance supply chain.

To meet these needs, we are developing digital solutions for our equipment, dedicated to Maintenance 4.0 – Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and Supply Chain Maintenance (MSC).


This is a new approach to maintenance.

Increasing visibility, anticipating failures, planning maintenance, limiting workshop downtime, and thereby reducing Turnaround Time (TaT), bring impactful benefits for Ermewa and its partners.

The reliability, performance and safety level of our equipment are thus enhanced to optimise our customers’ supply chain.

These are all initiatives that we are implementing with the players in the sector to create the railway of the future, accelerate modal shift and thus achieve the climate objectives.

Maintenance Supply Chain aims to drastically reduce the Turnaround Time of wagons (TaT).

By implementing solutions such as EDWR (Electronic Wagon Damage Report), transport visibility and empty/load status solutions, we can improve our customers’ rail performance.

Maintenance 4.0 is based on data analysis to identify wagon failures before they occur using predictive maintenance and condition monitoring engines.

This new approach to data analysis and maintenance allows us to manage our fleet more efficiently to provide reliable and safe assets to our customers.