Transport Logistic Munich

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From 4 May
to 7 May 2019
Munich - Germany

At the Transport Logistic trade fair in Munich in 2019, our experts and partners had the pleasure of leading various conferences on improving rail freight, promoting sustainable logistics and taking immediate action to develop the ideas of the future together. They all focused on 3 main themes: performance (industry, innovation and infrastructure), safety and environment.

“We want to accelerate the development of innovative approaches in the rail freight sector and boost the competitiveness of the most environmentally friendly mode of transport,” says Peter Reinshagen, Managing Director of Ermewa AG.

Munich 2019 booth outside


The fair was also an opportunity to present our brand-new chlorine wagon “Safety+” designed in partnership with Greenbrier. It is equipped with Knorr-Bremse devices and GPS supplied by ADS. A technical presentation and demonstrations were provided to visitors.

We showed our deep involvement towards circular economy, which has been in our DNA since 1956, with the presentation of our bags and passport pockets made from recycled tarpaulins (watch the video) and tables built from recycled floorboards. Photos of some of our achievements were presented around the main bar in the booth.

We will be happy to welcome you there in 2023 (May 09–12)!