Rail freight transport is undergoing a major transformation in Europe and entering a new era. The level of performance expected by the market is increasingly high, both in terms of equipment, data intelligence and processes, to ensure optimal efficiency of supply chains. Our experts are working daily on this transformation to offer our customers excellent services.

Material design and management

For over 60 years we have been working closely with Europe’s leading wagon manufacturers and component suppliers. Together we design state-of-the-art wagons: ever more reliable, efficient, and safe.

Our network of certified workshops run by our local experts is optimised to facilitate the management and maintenance of the fleet, as close as possible to our customers’ flows. This organisation allows us to monitor needs and operations at a local level to react quickly and accurately.

Data Management

We develop digital solutions that optimise the performance and safety of our equipment and ensure sustainable management of the rail freight supply chain, particularly in terms of maintenance.

Our integrated ERP system allows us to monitor our customers’ cross-border movements and to quickly implement measures to ensure the correct use of the wagons and optimize flows.

Continuous improvement

By offering the highest levels of performance and safety, we are constantly listening to the needs of our customers to offer them optimal technical and economic solutions, while guaranteeing the safety of the products transported. In this context, we have been ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) certified since 2010. Our processes are standardised and regularly updated. Our employees follow continuous training courses to guarantee the level of knowledge and expertise expected by market developments.