Ermewa supports the growth of intermodal

Ermewa IntermodalThe share of intermodal transport has increased substantially in recent years and will continue to grow. Ermewa supports this development by investing in more efficient intermodal wagons.

To support our shipper and freight forwarder customers in the modal shift and in their policy of decarbonising their supply chain, we now offer a brand-new fleet of wagons for hire, adapted to different types of traffic and ITUs (Intermodal Transport Units):

the 40’, with a large carrying capacity

the 60’, very easy to use

the 80’ et 90’articulated to optimise the number of ITUs carried in each train

the T3000e, latest generation pocket wagons adapted to P400 trailers

Accelerating modal shift to rail also requires the digitalisation and modernisation of monitoring processes (improve transport visibility, turnaround times, trigger conditional maintenance and predictive maintenance).

Ermewa systematically equips its wagons with telematics. This way, our customers will be able to collect data and use them for fleet management and supply chain optimisation.

Thanks to the historical experience of the Ermewa group in the maintenance and repair of intermodal wagons (SEGI’s historical workshop), we guarantee a very high level of service, reliability, and safety on our equipment. We adapt to the constraints of each flow, each terminal, and each port.

The new railway is on its way. It is now European, collaborative and more efficient. At Ermewa, we have understood that customer needs are constantly evolving: we propose new, more flexible offers.

Modal shift to rail is essential for our society. In view of the EU Green Deal objectives, rail freight has a card to play and Ermewa will support our sector. We currently have a fleet of +6,000 intermodal railcars. We will continue to invest in this segment to provide a safer and more reliable supply chain for our customers. 

For the customers, citizens, and the environment, we are committed and innovative to change the way people think and to make rail transport a flexible mode of transport, adapted to new needs and always more reliable.

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