We are the leading freight wagon rental company in France and number two in Europe with a fleet of over 47,000 railcars

Renting freight wagons has been our business for over 60 years.

Our 120 wagons types can transport intermediate and finished products in the chemical, steel, energy (gas, oil) and food sectors (e.g. water or beer).

We offer tailor-made rental solutions (long-term, short-term, pay-as-you-go) and support our customers throughout the duration of their contract.

Our 220 experts in 14 countries and 18 offices ensure proximity and responsiveness to our customers across Europe. This organisation allows us to monitor local needs and operations as closely as possible to react quickly and accurately and thus guarantee optimisation of our customers’ supply chain.

Orval Wagons

Our customers are industrial companies, railway companies and freight forwarders across Europe, to whom we offer optimal technical and economic solutions to ensure the safety of the products transported.

Our aim is to boost rail freight, encouraging modal shift and ensuring an efficient, safe and low-carbon transport mode for all stakeholders.

Ermewa Gas LPG Safety++ 117m3
Ermewa Intermodal
Ermewa Open-top Ealnos UK loaded wagons