LPG wagon – Safety ++

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Safety, performance, and innovation are the values that drive our daily missions at Ermewa.

In this approach, we developed in collaboration with our engineering department and the manufacturer Chemet, a brand-new wagon: ‘LPG 117m³ Safety++‘, dedicated to the transport of Liquefied Petroleum Gas class 2. It complies with the latest European legislation in force (4th railway package) and the 2019 RID.

This innovative wagon meets the highest safety standards through state-of-the-art technology and has been designed to be compatible with future developments in the railway industry.

We have developed safety solutions based on our Return of EXperience (REX) in order to avoid any risk of derailment and perforation of the tank (made of fine grain carbon steel). To this end, we designed a protective shield to protect and ensure the strength of the tank and minimise the risk of perforation up to 75km/h.

The wagon is also equipped with automatic load conversion brakes and an integrated compact braking system to prevent malfunction. Optional telematics sensors are available for monitoring the brakes.

Wagon GPL safety

Additional benefits

Improved payload performance
Improved payload performance and optimised tare weight
thanks to erasing the middle beam.

Equipped with telematics
Mileage measuremennt, empty/load status, location,
GPS status and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

Prepared for Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC)
No major changes to the wagon will be required,
which contributes to improve safety and performance.

Reinforced with new KeF
New generation of distributor valves provides an automatic
continuous brake system and the possibility to monitor
the braking system condition via telematics.