Maintenance Supply Chain

Supply Chain Maintenance responds to the growing demand in the rail market for more efficient management of wagon fleets.

Due to the processes in force in the railway sector, the time allocated to wagon supply chain maintenance is a performance brake.

Bearing this in mind, we are developing solutions with our partners to substantially reduce the share of the maintenance supply chain in our customers’ overall supply chain.

The digital processing of all the data collected enables us to improve collaboration between the parties involved and thus optimize the performance of our customers’ Supply Chain.

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electronic wagon damage report




Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is a key input to any supply chain management system. Ermewa is working with its partners to provide this data to the stakeholders in the railway chain, and thus increase their productivity.


The damage report (WDR) is the link between railway undertakers and keepers for reporting damage. The ability of railway undertakings to generate this document in digital format is strongly encouraged.

The automation of the upstream processes allows Ermewa to react quickly and to take the best decision in agreement with its customer to minimise the impact of the wagon stop on its supply chain.