Safety and proper maintenance of the equipment are strategic at Ermewa

As an ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) certified company since 2010, we provide regulatory maintenance, repairs and refurbishment of our equipment throughout Europe.

Our European network of more than 50 certified partner workshops covers all operations for both hazardous and non-hazardous wagons: maintenance, repair, refurbishment, modernisation, axle management.

In each workshop, an experienced, trained and qualified team carries out maintenance operations on all types of wagons, in compliance with European regulations. Each workshop has a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment: covered workshops, tracks, ferries, locomotives, overhead travelling cranes, rotary presses, test benches, shot blasting booth, paint booth, flare and cleaning station.

We also offer our customers mobile maintenance and repair services. These services can be carried out by our teams, seven days a week.

All work is monitored by Ermewa technicians on site to ensure quality and compliance. To do this, they rely on:

  a framework contract unique throughout Europe and setting out the roles and responsibilities of each party (European Maintenance Contract)

  an Ermewa Maintenance Manual

Ermewa maintenance atelierEvery month, we carry out more than 4,000 maintenance operations to guarantee the availability and reliability of our fleet. Depending on its use, each wagon is assigned an adapted maintenance schedule.

The reliability of our technical database is crucial to improving maintenance efficiency. We record and store all the technical data for each wagon during its life cycle: dates of overhauls, date of assembly of components, steel quality of the main parts, etc.

To provide our customers with an excellent maintenance service, regular trainings are provided to our technicians to ensure their knowledge and skills are amongst the best in the industry. Customers are therefore assured of high-performance equipment, standard processes, and expert control.

To go further, we have implemented new skills and technologies that improve the quality of maintenance, the overall level of safety and reduce the impact of maintenance on our customers’ supply chain.

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