Our commitments

Our Vision

Contribute to (re)inventing the rail freight transport, placing safety and sustainable growth at the core of our business. xxxxxxxxxqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqaaaaaaaa

Our Mission

Guarantee the success of a rail-based supply chain. We pool resources and technologies and invest for our customers, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Our Values


This is a core value at Ermewa. Every day, all our employees ensure the safety and integrity of people, products and goods transported, as well as the safety of our equipment, both in terms of design, operation and maintenance.

Leadership through sustainable relationships

We build long-term, value-added relationships in close cooperation with all stakeholders in the supply chain. These privileged relationships enable us to achieve a level of excellence that serves the competitiveness of our customers.

Continuous improvement for high added value

Every department in the company is involved in the implementation and continuous improvement of our processes daily. To achieve these improvement points, our experts set up action plans based on REX (Return of EXperience), correct, and set up new devices (indicators).

Local commitment and borderless expertise

We operate in 14 countries and speak over 16 languages. This enables our experts to maintain a close relationship with their customers and understand their market requirements. The strength of our network in Europe, combined with our investments (more than 3,000 railcars per year), serves the competitiveness of our customers.