Tank wagon Zags 117 m³ P27BH (Safety++)

The fine-grained carbon steel tank wagon, 4-axle Zags type, with a capacity of 117 m³ is designed for the transport of liquefied petroleum gas class 2 (propane, propylene, butadiene, butane, butylene, ethylamine, isobutene, mixtures A/A0/A1/B/C, isobutane). This innovative gas wagon has a protective shield to protect and ensure the strength of the tank and minimise the risk of perforation at speeds up to 75km/h. The wagon is also equipped with automatic load conversion brakes and an integrated compact braking system to prevent malfunction. Optional telematics sensors are available for monitoring the brakes. The wagon complies with the latest European legislation (4th railway package) and the RID 2019.

Technical characteristics
117 m³
Tare weight
33 t
Gross weight
90 t
Length over buffers
18.10 m
Tank code