Why lease?

Focus on your core business!

Why lease

Leasing allows flexibility in a constantly changing international environment

As a leasing company, we are the keeper of the equipment and guarantee its compliance with international regulations (ECM)

We are familiar with the compatibility of wagons and products. This means that we can offer you wagons that are suitable for your products and your supply chain.

Our wagon rental service is a value-added service that relieves you of the management of your wagon fleet

With wagon hire you do not incur any capital investment and you benefit from our purchasing power

The commercial risk is reduced in the event of changing requirements

We offer a wide range of wagons (120 types), always more efficient

Leasing protects you from wagon obsolescence

As a European company, we offer wagon availability throughout Europe. Our proximity to you reduces logistics costs: you rent wagons where and when you need them

Renting wagons reduces your maintenance costs. You benefit from our European network of workshops for equipment maintenance and repair

Your commitment is limited to the duration of the contract, depending on your needs