Our values


Leadership through sustainable relationships

We welcome responsibility.

All of us, at every level, can play a leadership role, by speaking out, making ourselves visible, and sharing our vision. We must be creative, thoughtful and innovative, but we must also be accountable and take responsibility for our actions.

We build productive and long-term
relationships with stakeholders and each other. The best solutions come from working together with both colleagues, suppliers and customers. The way we treat each other in achieving our objectives is just as important as what we achieve.

share experience, resources and opportunities. The range and depth of the knowledge and the timelines with which we share it with our clients is fundamental to our success.


Continuous improvement for high added value

We increase our performance and the value we deliver to our customers by continuously improving the way we do things. We must be alert to change and move quickly and decisively to meet the challenges that emerge from such change; so that we provide our clients, and ourselves with a competitive edge.

We welcome creative solutions and aim at putting them into action. As one of the leaders in railcar rental, we must develop innovative ideas and put them into practice successfully.

Borderless local expertise & commitment

We commit on putting expertise to work for our customers. We are experts not only on the rail landscape, but also on the industry sectors in which our customers operate. Our strong commitment is key to our credibility and to the trust our customers place in us.
We embrace diverse cultures, communities and points of view. With offices in 14 countries (30 countries addressed) and over 16 spoken languages, our people and our clients cover a wide diversity of cultures and communities.



Safety is a core value at Ermewa ; we all strive to ensure safety for our wagons, staff and customers. Whatever our position in the company, we must relentlessly ensure data integrity, which is key to the reliability and performance of our business, and continuously focus on assuring the safety of all the wagons we design, construct, operate and maintain.