Since 2017, we have responded to EcoVadis requirements and have obtained our assessment. In 2019, we have been awarded a silver medal for our Corporate Social Responsibiliy (CSR) performances.

In 2020, a new step has been reached as we obtained a GOLD MEDAL!

The assessment considers a range of CSR issues, which are grouped into 4 themes: environment, labor and human rights, ethics (Fair Business Practices) and sustainable procurement.

What does CSR mean to Ermewa?

CSR is a self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders and the public.

Our business operations must have a long-term sustainability logic. This means that on top of the needs for technical, economic, and commercial performance on a day-to-day basis, our Group must depend on fundamentals which guarantee long-term development and make a certain number of commitments towards its employees and partners.

EcoVadis: What is it? How does it work?

It is a collaborative platform enabling major groups to assess the environmental performance of their suppliers. This performance is determined using 21 indicators (from CO2 emissions to working conditions), compatible with legal standards, and refined by a network of experts.

EcoVadis is a rating of the performance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is a voluntary approach to have one’s CSR performance evaluated by an independent third party via an audit.

The EcoVadis assessment covers the 4 topics above. Based on international standards, it is internationally recognized, covers 190 business sectors and 150 countries.

EcoVadis: What for?

Carrying out this evaluation process is a major selling point in the current context. From year to year, it is a growing reference for customers and suppliers in the field of CSR.

Initially, we undertook this assessment upon request of some customers and now we apply on a voluntary basis. This is a useful rating for tenders, audits as well as for HSE and CSR questionnaires coming from the clients.

We thus demonstrate to our customers our concern about responsibilities towards society in our activities, as well as in our relations with our partners, whether they are suppliers or customers.

It is an effective way to enhance our commitments to sustainable development, in a virtuous chain between all stakeholders in our activities.

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