In its determination to be the strong link of its customers’ rail-based supply chain, Ermewa created a range of products to provide the best services.

4 offers containing various options and services have been created

3 Standard leasing offers

Depending on your requirements, you have possibility to choose clear and detailed offer according to your specific needs relative to your own business.

The advantage of Ermewa standard offers is to provide you transparency on level of services proposal and tariffs.


This offer is the basic one in which all maintenance (except revisions) and transport costs are not included in your monthly leasing price. A few services are optional and invoiced separately.


This offer contains several services included in your leasing price. Some others are on optional basis and invoiced separately.


This offer provides the full range of services included in your leasing price. You have a clear visibility on your costs. You will receive only one invoice per month.

1 Co-engineering project

Ermewa offers the possibility to evaluate your specific needs together and adapt existing railcars or build new ones fully complying with your requirements.

Very soon, more details will be available here for registered customers.